Advertising Design

Advertising designers are not only talented in the art of creative design, they understand marketing and how to promote products and services through visual communication.

Advertising Design


Designers and advertisers need to understand marketing issues if they are to develop design solutions that communicate with their target audience. It is vital that candidates develop the transferable skills needed to work effectively in creative advertising teams, solve communication design problems and, perhaps most importantly, communicate their ideas with a good understanding of markets and branding.

The training course integrates marketing and advertising theory with design practice – an approach that gives graduates a diverse portfolio of skills that will open up career choices within design and marketing management. Candidates will also develop their technical and creative skills, becoming competent in a range of software applications for 2D graphics, 3D modelling and motion graphics.

The training course is a balanced combination between practical and theoretical aspects of design and marketing communications, founded on the development of practical skills in graphic design, illustration and new media and an appreciation of marketing and business.

Designers and advertisers need to understand marketing issues in order to develop design solutions that will communicate effectively with their target audience and motivate them.

In Advertising Design, it is not enough to know one area of the subject: it is vital that candidates have good transferable skills in order to work effectively in a team, plan activities, solve problems efficiently and perhaps most importantly, present their ideas visually.

The defining feature of this training course is the way in which it integrates marketing/advertising theory with design practice.

This cross-disciplinary approach gives graduates a diverse portfolio of skills, which enhances their career choices within design, management and marketing management.

Practical design units develop technical and creative skills and candidates will become competent in the use of editorial design, motion graphics, image manipulation, typography, web and new media-based design, exhibition design, book making and drawing and visualisation.

Upon completion of this course, Students will be able to work as Art Directors, Advertising Managers, Design Managers, Graphic Designers, Communications Designers and Advertising Accounts Executives in the Advertising and Design Industry.

What is Advertising Design?

Advertising design refers to the creation and organization of visual artwork used in advertisements (ads) for products and services. The designs used in advertising are created by graphic designers. Advertising agencies as well as the advertising departments of corporations employ graphic designers to create and execute brochures, direct mail, web ads and print ads. Design elements used in advertisements include fancy lettering, borders, cartoons, illustrations and photographs. The main difference between advertising design and regular mainstream artwork is that advertising art must be designed to reach and compel the target audience to purchase products and services.

Advertising designers are not only talented in the art of creative design, they understand marketing and how to promote products and services through visual communication. Whereas a freelance fine artist may work on one creative piece of artwork for months, a graphic artist must constantly keep generating original advertising design pieces to meet campaign deadlines. Examples of advertising design are all around us. The banner ads you see on websites as well as the newspaper ads for products such as shoes and watches have been designed for advertising purposes. Graphic designers also create logos and symbols used in advertising to help inspire consumers to develop brand recognition, such as McDonald’s® golden arches.

It’s important to realize that although advertising design is used to promote virtually every product and service sold today, it’s not something new.

The illustrations and lettering used on packaging for foods and other products are also considered a part of advertising design since consumers are influenced by how a product looks when they decide whether to purchase it or choose a competing product. Graphic designers who work in the advertising industry usually require a four-year degree. Since creative jobs in advertising are competitive, a graphic designer may intern at an ad agency while still in school and then begin at an entry-level position after graduating college. Graphic designers often work with copywriters who write the words used in ads to create complete advertising design pieces.

Course Structure

This training course level enable to understand creativity as a field of applied study with the intent to achieve innovative solution in the field of design advertising.

  • Design Studies
  • Basic Advertising Design
  • Creative Studies & Idea Generation

This training course level will enable the participant to develop necessary skills in the area of Advertising Design

  • Copy Writing
  • Art Direction
  • Visual Communication

This training course level gives the opportunity to experiment various solutions at a high level and to acquire the knowledge from successful professionals in producing effective advertising campaign.

  • Advertising Campaign
  • Project Management
  • Brand Management and New Product Development